If you are going to drill... Drill for the team!

Updated: Mar 31

With my long history of coaching and training some 35+ years, it never accorded to me that I was doing things much different than other coaches and trainers. I am sure everyone has heard this before but let me just explain and you decide. Let’s start with receiving the soccer ball, so many coaches and trainers overlook this very basic but incredibly important skill. Many in my profession don’t see the difference between “ball to foot vs foot to ball” … what’s the difference EVERYTHING! When “foot to ball” is used in 99% of the cases the ball is sent vertically in a belief that this will produce faster play, of course it does not, in many cases the lost of control and the uncertainty of just how much pace is needed to move the ball cause undo self-pressure and could lead to turning over the ball. This is especially true in younger players! When we compare this to “ball to foot”, allowing the ball to travel to the back foot (hence ball to foot) the receiving player has more control and more options because the ball will be pushed in a horizontal direction allowing for more space and time for decision making and greater view of the pitch. SEE BELOW!

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