If you’ve got a question about Rosario’s Fútbol you should be able to find your answer here. Whether you have a question about one of my classes or are curious about my unique training approach, I always try to be as transparent as possible. If you can’t find what you are looking for below, please get in touch and I will do my best to answer swiftly.

How am I/we different from other trainers?

Most Trainers will teach you fancy tricks and moves. Nothing really wrong with that if your a freestyler but most of us play with a team. I teach tricks/moves to maximize your efforts with the team.

I pay a lot of money to my club, is that not enough?

Yes and No, Clubs are great and can train a team to do wonderful things on the pitch.  Sometimes a player can get lost as they move up levels and/or feel overwhelmed and lose confidence. Many players as youngsters are pushed up without making sure they are mentally ready. We can help with making sure the player and make sure the mind is as ready as the body.

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train with Rosario’s Fútbol?

Yes, we are not a gym and do not have gym equipment, however; soccer is a running sport and we will run! Vince Lombardi said "Fatigue makes cowards out of all of us". Train with us and your player will run 90 minuities + !

Are you part of a club or have your own team?

We do not have a club affiliation, nor do we sponsor a specific team. We will produce teams to compete in open tournaments for Futbol and Futsal as players who train with us want to play together. We have and do work with many clubs and teams, but we breakdown the team and only work with one section at a time: Attacking, Midfield and defense. 

Do you train underserved and disadvantage clubs and teams?

Yes! We do free or very low-cost training for disadvantage and the underserved clubs and Communities. If you know of a club or Community in need of professional training at a low to no cost, please contact us!